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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Olivo a no stick spray?
No, Olivo is not a no-stick spray. OLIVO is an extraordinarily innovative way to enjoy 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Instead of pouring olive oil, you can now spray it directly on your food.

How is Olivo different from regular cooking spray?
OLIVO is not a regular cooking spray; it is not PAM, not Crisco, nor Mazola. It is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in a unique, patented spray delivery form.

Should I spray my food with Olivo?
Yes, absolutely! OLIVO enhances the flavor of all meals; spray it directly on any food you pour olive oil on: salads, vegetables, fish, meat, pasta, etc.

What are the advantages of cooking with OLIVO?
You can spray OLIVO on any food where you used to pour olive oil on: salads, fish, meat, vegetables, pasta, etc. Additionally, you can use OLIVO to prevent sticking during cooking. Our unique spray formula allows you to disperse a smaller amount of olive oil over a larger area versus pouring. And since you can use less oil, Olivo doesn’t just compliment your healthy lifestyle, it also complements your pocketbook!

Can spray oils be used at any heat?
NO, you cannot spray or store OLIVO near heat or open flame. You should never spray into oven, broiler or grill, and never leave your can on stove or near heat source because it may explode if heated. You should remember that contents are under pressure. It shouldn’t be stored at temperatures above 120º F.

What type of propellant do we use for our Spray Oils?
Propel 45 is the gas necessary to deliver Olivo within a spray can. Its composition has been approved by the EU and the Scientific Food Committee. Our spray cans don't represent any risks to health because they have been tested under extreme conditions such as constant temperatures of 50 degrees for 90 days in a heated chamber, without suffering any alteration to their contents nor seams.

Why should I use OLIVO?
You should use OLIVO because it is pure 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; OLIVO does not contain artificial flavors, additives or alcohol. All you taste is delicious olive oil.

What is Olivo’s shelf life?
Olivo’s guaranteed shelf life is three years from the date of canned.

What type of Olive Oil does Olivo contain?
Olivo is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; it has been elaborated by using pure pressed olives that are completely natural. It is the only vegetal oil that can be consumed without processing, additives or preservatives.

Are our flavors natural?
Yes, all five varieties of flavors are natural. OLIVO does not contain artificial flavors, additives, alcohol, or silicon, so all you taste is delicious 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

How should I use my Olivo spray?
To properly use OLIVO, you should hold can 8 to 10 inches from food, pan or utensil. Spray desired amount of OLIVO until pan or utensil is evenly coated. Do not refrigerate. Never spray OLIVO directly into an open flame.

In what stores could I find Olivo?
Beginning in May, 2006, you can find OLIVO in all Super Target Stores.

Is Olivo Teflon safe?
Yes, OLIVO is Teflon safe. It will keep your cookware in an optimal condition.

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