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JosÚ D. G.
Delivery Manager
"The market will be grateful for the qualities and advantages of this product. I am confident that in due time we will be present all over the world."
"Traditional oil bottles are reaching their last days..."
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  Olivo Extra Virgin
  Olivo garlic flavour
  Olivo lemon flavour
  Display pack
  3 units box
  6 units box
  9 units box
[View] 2 Olivo Oil
[View] 2 Garlic flavour
[View] 2 Lemon flavour
[View] Olivo + Garlic
[View] Olivo + Lemon
[View] Lemon + Garlic
Aerosol can with capacity of: 250 ml, in 3 different flavours
Display pack with 2 units of Olivo, fabricated in green material with the front and the back in transparent plastic, contains a choice of combinations which can include all 3 flavours: Olivo, garlic and lemon
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